IXCC iX-BT1 Earphones Banner

IXCC iX-BT1 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Spoiled for choice? IXCC are the latest in a long line of Chinese manufacturers offering a variety of tech items at reasonable prices. They have...
Q29 Earbuds Header Image

SoundPEATS Q29 Wireless Earbuds

Goodbye Wires, Hello SoundPEATS Q29! First, they removed the wire that connected your headphones to your mobile. Now they've removed the wires between each ear!...
Savfy True Wireless Headphones

SAVFY True Wireless Mini Bluetooth Headphone Review (V2.0)

Finally SAVFY have created a pair of wireless earbuds that I absolutely love! I don't usually start my reviews off this way, but go grab...
Aminy UFO

Aminy UFO Review

The Aminy UFO has crash-landed in the Review Hub office and demanded to be taken to our leader. Unfortunately James was busy, so I've jumped in...
AudioMX MX10 Headphones in Black

AudioMX MX10 Xtra Bass Bluetooth Headphone Review

The AudioMX Bluetooth 4.1 Xtra Bass Headphones provide quality craftsmanship with a budget price-tag. We were lucky enough to be sent in the newest headphones...
D900S Headhones with ear inserts

Syllable D900S Wireless Headphones Review

The Syllable D900S earphones are a great idea but I struggled with the fit I'm a big fan of cord-cutting so the Syllable D900S wireless...
VTIN Peashooter Bluetooth earbuds

VTIN Peashooter Wireless Sports Headphones

If like me, you've grown tired of fiddly headphone wires during your workouts then you'll be happy to know that there's now a wide...

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