Want us to Review your Phones or Gadgets?

From time-to-time I know you lovely manufacturers want to send us samples of your latest and greatest Phones, Tablet, Gadgets and more.

So below we’ve posted the answers to your most common questions, but for any reason if you still can’t find the information you’re looking for please send us a message on our Contact Page.

How do I get Review Hub to review my phone or gadget?

Well this is fantastic, we’re more than happy to review your phone for you and place our honest feedback on the Review-Hub website. All you have to do is contact us to let us know you are sending the sample, include any relevant tracking information and send to the ‘Review Hub Samples’ address below.

How long will you take to review my product?

Typically we will have a first impressions review of the product live on our website and social channels within 48 hours of receiving the sample. This can often be quicker. After this review is live we then go on to review the sample in more details. For phones we typically use the product for 1 to 2 weeks to give our readers the most thorough and honest review we can. For other gadgets and technology times can vary depending on the product.

How we test the samples sent?

The phones that we receive are tested and reviewed based on the following features. Design, Battery Life, Hardware, Cameras, Connectivity, Ergonomics, Speed, Screen & Sound. We use a variety of mainstream testing applications as well as using our own opinion as tech experts to give our viewers the most honest and open review that we can. If for any reason we feel that the phone is under-performing our expectations we will contact you first before posting our review to assess whether we have a faulty unit. We believe in a fair and accurate reviewing process.

Do we make video reviews?

Yes, although we don’t currently feature videos on the Review-Hub website we are working towards creating full unboxing and full video reviews of all the phones, gadgets and technology that we test and use. Video reviews can also be specifically requested for samples sent.

Review Hub Samples Address

Please use our contact page to contact Review Hub. We will then send you our UK based samples address. View Contact Page.


Want us to Review your Phones or Gadgets?

by James Gil
01 min