Top 5 – Best UMiDigi Smartphones (2020 Edition)

What's The Best UMiDigi Smartphones in 2020? SOLVED!

Best UMiDigi Phone

Haven’t Heard Of UMiDigi Yet? Then You’re Missing Out!

UMiDigi phones are only getting better, and in recent months, they’ve released some of the best mid-range Android 10-ready devices of 2020. They’re so hot right now, that it won’t be long before they become a mainstream mobile brand in the west.

Based out of Shenzhen (South-Eastern China), UMiDigi has been manufacturing smartphones since around 2012 (think back to the UMi X1) all the way to recent successes like last year’s awesome UMiDigi X.

While brands like OnePlus have been getting more expensive, UMiDigi has stuck to its core principle of offering sleek metallic phones with awesome battery life. And best of all, at one third the cost of a typical flagship.

Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 10

From the beginning, UMiDigi’s mobile strategy has been to consult the public about what features are most important to them. Then implementing this feedback into their next smartphone.

Rather than going for top-tier performance specs, they focus on crisp displays, epic battery life, solid camera performance and a sleek build.

Having had my hands-on more than a few UMiDigi devices, I’ve put together this ‘Best of UMiDigi Guide‘ to help you decide if there’s an UMiDigi smartphone with your name on it!

Here are the Best UMiDigi Phones you can get your hands on in 2020!

UMiDigi S5 Pro

UMiDigi S5 Pro – Oh Hell Yes!

Price from: £239/$259

Move over OnePlus Nord (Amazon), too little too late, the UMiDigi S5 Pro costs 30% less! Just kidding, it’s unfair to compare these two phones directly.

But for most users, the S5 Pro does it all! It has a glorious 6.39″ Super AMOLED edge-to-edge (no bezels here) display giving us super vibrant colours and perfect blacks. Plus underneath this crisp display, UMiDigi has hidden an in-display fingerprint reader.

… Beautiful Display + Gaming-Ready …

Now we all know that where mid-tier phones let us down is in the camera department, but this phone is a step above the competition. You get a 48MP main snapper for detailed shots plus a 16MP 120° wide-angle lens, but, the real star of the show is the selfie cam: a 16MP pop-up camera.

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If you’re a gamer, you’ll be happy to know the Helio G90T 8-core chip outperforms this year’s Snapdragon 700 series, making light work of AAA Android titles. They’ve dropped the headphone jack, but do include an adapter in the box.

Combine all this with the stock Android 10 OS and the S5 Pro is packed with flagship features while remaining a seriously underpriced phone.

Flagship Credentials with a mid-tier price-tag… Treat Yourself!

Colours: Ocean Blue or Cosmic Black

Display: 6.39″ AMOLED Full HD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio G90T (8-Cores) | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 256GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 10 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 16MP + 5MP + 5MP | Selfie Camera: 48MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 4680mAh (18w Fast Charge) | Weight: 202 grams

UMiDigi F2 Android 10 Smartphone

UMiDigi F2 – Our No.1 UMiDigi Choice! 9/10!

There’s a reason that the UMiDigi F2 is our number one choice in this list! It ticks all the right boxes for a mid-range smartphone whilst still remaining affordable.

At only 8.7mm thick coupled with a glorious 6.53″ bright & vivid display, the UMiDigi F2 looks fantastic! The dual-glass design means it’s a fingerprint magnet, but who cares when it looks this good.

… Huge Battery Life + High-end quad Cameras …

The tiny front hole-punch cutout hides a whopping 32MP camera for catching all those drunk selfies and the quad-camera rear setup is even more impressive. For the main set of cameras, we’re treated to a super-high-res 48MP main snapper, a 13MP ultra-wide and two more 5MP lenses to capture more details, meaning better photos.

UMiDigi is no slow-coach when it comes to upgrading their software with the F2 having Android 10 straight out of the box.

Other positives are the huge 5150mAh battery backed up by an 18w fast charger in the box. There’s also a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, as well as Face ID.

Love the sound of the UMiDigi F2? Treat Yourself!

Colours: Phantom Blue or Midnight Black

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Display: 6.53″ FHD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio P70 (8-Cores) | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 128GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 10 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 13MP + 5MP + 5MP | Selfie Camera: 32MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 5150mAh (18w Fast Charge) | Weight: 215 grams

UMiDigi Power 3

UMiDigi Power 3 – Leave Your Powerbank At Home!

If you like the look of new iPhones, then you’ll love the midnight green UMiDigi Power 3.

With the same quad-camera setup as the F2 above you have a camera mode for every occasion. You also still get the same true dual-sim functionality letting you add two nano-sims as well as an SD card to the phone.

The Power 3 gets its name by pumping up the battery inside to 6150mAh while keeping the same super-fast 18w charging. You also get the added benefit of “Reverse Charging” at 10 watts. This will let you charge your other devices, headphones etc directly from the Power 3 phone.

… 10-watt Reverse Charging + Epic Quad Cameras …

It’s quite a bit thicker than the F2 at 10.3mm, but thankfully, this thickness hasn’t transferred into extra weight.

The UMiDigi Power 3 is one of the best equipped big-battery phones of 2020 with near-zero compromises on cameras, connectivity, performance & display.

The UMiDigi Power 3 is Available Now

Colours: Space Grey, Midnight Green & Red

Display: 6.53″ FHD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio P60 (8-Cores) | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 10 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 13MP + 5MP + 5MP | Selfie Camera: 16MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 6150mAh (18w Fast Charge + 10w Reverse Charge) | Weight: 218 grams

UMiDigi X Smartphone

UMiDigi X

The UMiDigi X features an in-display fingerprint reader as well as an OLED display. The downside is that unlike the rest of UMiDigi’s mid-range lineup, the X doesn’t use a Full HD panel.

… AMOLED Display + In-Display Fingerprint Reader …

The silver lining is that the lower resolution OLED panel consumes less energy, pushing the 4150mAh 18-watt fast charge battery even further while still keeping the weight under 200g.

It’s good news when it comes to the X’s rear cameras as well. UMidigi used one of Samsung’s 48MP Super-Pixel lens to capture incredible detail.

You can check out our Full UMiDigi X review here.

UMiDigi X – Available Now

Colours: Flame Black & Breathing Crystal

Display: 6.35″ FHD+ (1548×720) | PPI: 269 | CPU: Helio P60 (8-Cores) | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 128GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 9 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 8MP + 5MP | Selfie Camera: 16MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 4150mAh (18w Fast Charge + 10w Reverse Charge) | Weight: 196 grams

UMiDigi S3 Pro Ceramic

UMiDigi S3 Pro – Ceramic Beauty

If you’re looking for a premium Android device that you don’t need a mortgage for, then the Ceramic S3 Pro has your back. The S3 Pro feels fantastic, is extremely tough and oozes premium. There is a downside though, it does mean that we lose the wireless charging.

If you’re a shutterbug, you’ll be happy to know that the S3 Pro uses a Sony IMX lens for both the 48MP main camera and the 20MP selfie snapper. The 48MP lens is coupled with another 12MP lens to create stylised bokeh effects as well as offering a 2x telephoto zoom.

This is the same Sony camera that we see in many high-end smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi 9, Huawei Honor View 20, Asus Zenfone 6 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

… 48MP Sony Camera & Feature-packed …

While we don’t get the flagship-speed performance of a phone like the Xiaomi Mi 9, the 8-Core MediaTek Helio P70 inside the S3 Pro is a capable chip. UMiDigi has paired the P70 with 6GB’s of RAM and 128GB’s of fast storage making the stock Android 9 OS experience snappy and stable.

Overall, the S3 Pro has a lot to offer. If you’re always running out of juice, you’ll love the 5150mAh battery. If you love smartphone photography, the 48MP snapper is epic. If you love paying half the price for a device that almost does it all, then you’ve love the UMiDigi S3.

Colours: Ceramic Black

Display: 6.23″ FHD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio P70 (8-Cores) | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 128GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 9 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 12MP (Sony IMX586) | Selfie Camera: 20MP (Sony IMX376) | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 5150mAh (18w Fast Charge) | Weight: 216 grams

View this week’s Best UMiDigi S3 Pro Deals below:

UMiDigi F1 Play Phone Red

UMiDigi F1 Play – Excellent Value

On paper, the UMiDigi F1 Play seems to offer everything the S3 Pro while costing 40% less. Look a little closer though and you’ll find some key differences between the two models.

Both feature a 48MP main camera, but the Samsung lens on the F1 Play can’t compete against the Sony IMX586 in terms of clarity, low light performance and accuracy. That’s not to say it’s a bad camera, as for the price, you be hard-pressed to do better.

… 48MP Snapper Coupled with a sleek Aluminium Unibody …

In terms of raw performance, the Helio P60 still offers a smooth Android experience without any slowdowns or stutters. Battery life and the display are almost identical, but the F1 Play sees a drop in storage to 64GB’s.

The F1 Play is a hard one to beat. It offers excellent battery life, a good full HD display with an excellent screen-to-body ration. The aluminium body is a classic and it doesn’t miss out on top-level features such as dual-band AC WiFi and NFC.

Colours: Red & Black

Display: 6.3″ FHD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio P60 (8-Cores) | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 64GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 9 | Rear Camera: 48MP + 8MP (Samsung) | Selfie Camera: 16MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 5150mAh (18w Fast Charge) | Weight: 193 grams

The UMiDigi F1 Play retails from as little as £139 | $169 | €149…

UMiDigi A5 Pro – For The Budget Shutterbug

The A5 Pro has to be the most exciting UMiDigi phone released this year. It throws away convention when it comes to the sub £100 phone.

Using glass front and back, having a triple-rear camera setup with a dedicated 8MP wide-angle lens and a healthy 4150mAh fast charge battery. On top is this it’s using a full HD display panel and comes with true Dual SIM functionality (dedicated 2x SIM ports + 1x SD Card).

… Beautiful Glass Sandwich Design + Wide Angle Camera …

So there had to be a few cuts somewhere right? It loses the faster AC WiFi standard, there’s no NFC and it’s still using Micro-USB for it’s charging port.

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Even with these drawbacks, the UMiDigi A5 Pro is best in class for the sub £100 market. It’s a beauty, available in a reflective crystal colour and arriving with Android 9 out of the box.

Colours: Space Grey & Crystal

Display: 6.3″ HD+ (2280×1080) | PPI: 400 | CPU: Helio P23 (8-Cores) | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 32GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 9 | Rear Camera: 16MP + 8MP + 5MP (Sony IMX398) | Selfie Camera: 16MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band | NFC: No | Battery: 4150mAh (10w Wireless Charging) | Weight: 203 grams

UMiDigi A5 Pro – Available Now:

UMiDigi Power

UMiDigi Power – Huge Battery, Huge Value

If you’re thinking… hmmm… all these UMiDigi phones are starting to seem very similar. Then you’re absolutely right.

With a lower price-point than the F1 Play, the UMiDigi Power tones down the performance. Opting instead for the entry-level MediaTek Helio P35 chipset. We also see a big drop in camera performance, but key features such as NFC, excellent battery life (5150mAh) and AC WiFi still remain.

… Big Battery, Big Value, Small Price …

Considering the low asking price for the UMiDigi Power, it’s exceptional to still see 4GB’s of RAM and 64GB’s of storage as standard. If you want to play the latest 3D games on high-settings though, then opt for the F1 Play or S3 Pro above, as the IMG PowerVR GE8320 graphics chip is for casual gamers.

If you’re after a low-cost Android phone with a Full-HD display, metal unibody and big battery, then you can’t go wrong.

Colours: Gold & Black

Display: 6.3″ FHD+ (2340×1080) | PPI: 409 | CPU: Helio P35 (8-Cores) | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB (expandable 256GB) | OS: Android 9 | Rear Camera: 16MP + 5MP (Samsung) | Selfie Camera: 16MP | Full UK Network Support: Yes | WiFi: Dual-band AC | NFC: Yes | Battery: 5150mAh (18w Fast Charge) | Weight: 190 grams

UMiDigi Power – Available Now:

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