Vernee M8 Pro

The M8 Pro is an affordable smartphone that makes no compromises.

Vernee M8 Pro Phone Blue

This first day of October left us with a real treat: the Vernee M8 Pro. The M8 Pro is an affordable smartphone that handles almost everything a person would need. The phone features a 6.2-inch, full HD display, with a durable all-metal body to withstand falls. With a high-quality camera, strong processor, good battery life and a good internal storage, this smartphone is everything you’d need right in your pocket. Below we take a first look at the Vernee M8 Pro.

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Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro


  • High-end Build Quality
  • Full HD Display
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Excellent Performance
  • NFC + Wireless Qi
  • Lightweight


  • Not AMOLED
  • Low Light Photography
  • Could be slimmer

Vernee M8 Pro Display

Display and Design

From the get-go, the Vernee M8 Pro has a stunning design. Coming in a sleek blue or an elegant black colourway and having a seamless design, the Vernee M8 Pro blends in with today’s smartphone trends design-wise, but also has a unique, stand-out look. The phone also has a metal body that gives off a durable, sturdy and smooth look that you can be confident won’t be ruined after one accidental drop. Vernee truly delivered with their design.

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To add to the phone’s smooth design, the Vernee M8 Pro also has a full-HD, 6.2-inch display, great for streaming, browsing the internet, looking at photos, or simply great for everyday use. The phone uses IPS technology in its screen, ensuring accurate colour-display and clear images. Like all the top smartphones of 2018, the Vernee M8 Pro also features a curved display to make the design even more seamless and allowing for a variety of extra features on the phone. For the M8 Pro, Vernee also added a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, giving a person extra security for their files and information.

Vernee M8 Pro Android OS

Performance and OS

The phone runs on Androids Oreo 8.1, the second most recent Android OS, with Pie 9.0 being the most recent OS, released in August of 2018. While it doesn’t run on the most recent OS, the capabilities one has on this phone are seemingly endless, The phone uses the MediaTek Helio P60, an efficient and powerful octa-core processor, and along with 6GB of RAM, this phone can runs as fast if not faster than a lot of the competitors in its price range. The combination of the processor and the OS provides users with a powerful and fast-performing phone, that is also very efficient on power.

Heavy games are no problem at all for the Vernee M8 Pro as the processor and RAM can handle even the heaviest games on the Google PlayStore. From the Facebook app to PUBG, the Verne M8 provides quality performance for smooth browsing, gameplay, or whatever other phone needs one may have.

Vernee M8 Pro Blue Qi Charging

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Vernee M8 Pro has a long-lasting, strong battery that can provide users with over 53 hours of talk time. The phone also can be charged using a wireless charger, and can also be charged to full battery in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. The 4,100 mAh battery combined with the power efficient processor totally eliminates the need to charge at mid-day. Compared to most other phones in the same price range, the Vernee M8 Pro’s battery is superior.

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Being a great everyday phone, the Vernee M8 Pro also covers all the connectivity needs one needs. To start, the phone has standard Bluetooth v4.2, Wi-Fi, and GPS capabilities. However, the true beauty of this phone shines when the connectivity capabilities are paired with the strong processor. The phone is dual-sim, allowing users to have two sim-cards functioning at the same time. The phone is also capable of connecting to 4G networks, making browsing on the go a breeze.

Vernee M8 Pro Smartphone Black

Vernee M8 Pro – The Verdict

The phone sells for around £220, ($279 | €245), depending on where you get it. While it definitely isn’t cheap, the phone has great value. Compared to other phones with similar specifications, the Vernee M8 Pro is a real bargain. With a high-end 8-core processor, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage (the phone also supports micro-SD cards for memory expansion), and a dual rear camera the Vernee M8 Pro’s features assure buyers that they’re getting their money’s worth and more.

Those who buy the phone have the option of using the primary 15-megapixel rear camera or an 8-megapixel rear camera for whatever needs one may have. All the features that the Vernee M8 Pro leave people speechless, and that’s without knowing the phone’s price. While the phone isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a bang for your buck.

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