Solved: Unresponsive Xbox 360 Controller with Moonlight through Nvidia Stream

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If like me you got excited about the possibility of streaming your PC games to your TV via your FireTV then you might have felt the same frustration I did when your Xbox 360 controller suddenly stopped responding.

I downloaded the Moonlight app for the FireTV and the first time around it connected to my PC without any problems. The second time I loaded up the game Shadow of Mordor (Great game) only to find that my controller wasn’t responding. What’s more frustrating is that the Nvidia streaming service was recognising my Xbox controller as the Xbox ‘A’ button was appearing. After putting in a track’n’field worthy performance of button bashing still no look, I had to turn to the endless ramblings of the internet forums…

After an hour of searching online and listening to the community moan, groan and invent a hefty amount incorrect theories as to why this wasn’t working. I came across the answer!!

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The Solution is in the Moonlight Documents (should of looked there first, bangs head against wall), scroll down to the section header marked “Using a wired/wireless controller connected to the GFE PC instead of the streaming device” for a full explanation. The controller is being recognised as player 2, this explains why the buttons switch to Xbox icons when you frantically bash your pad hoping it will somehow fix it.

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The solution (for both 32 and 64bit windows):

  • Plug your Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver into your PC
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvStreamSrv
  • Rename rxinput.dll to rxinput.dll.old
  • If 64bit complete next steps as well:
    • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvStreamSrv
    • Rename rxinput.dll to rxinput.dll.old


After using this method the I can finally use my Xbox 360 pad through Nvidia Game stream on my FireTV and the controls were responsive which is important. Finally I can bypass the annoying cut scenes that I’ve been forced to watch over 15 times by now!

*There is a crux to this method though, this will only work for one player games, but the documents state that two player games will no longer work, if I was a techno boffin I might have the answer but I’m not.

As always if you’ve got any questions or think you can add to this frustration cure then please leave a comment below or just a high five if this solution has worked for you!


  1. Sorry but the moonlight don’t recognize the buttons of my gamepad. Dpads and analogs works fine, but the buttons have not response. Some way to fix it?
    Also my NvStreamsrv folder don’t have the rxinput.dll file, then I don’t know what to do now. I must to install GeForce experience again?


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