Leagoo M9 Review

Leagoo M9 Display Blue

Leagoo’s enters the M9 into the most competitive mobile space… the 3G super-budget arena…

You have to be brave to bring out a 3G phone in 2018, as while this lowers the cost it’s also one of the most competitive smartphone spaces.

Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro

There’s competition from the Blackview A7, Blackview A10, Cubot R11, Oukitel C8 3G and my personal favourite budget smartphone, the UHANS MX.

So, what makes the Leagoo M9 stand out from the crowd? For starters, its made the switch to the 18:9 aspect ratio by putting those top and bottom bezel on a diet.

It’s also one of the only super-budget smartphones to feature a quad-cam setup, which I’ll review in detail later on. Other highlights include Gorilla Glass protection, a selfie flash and a fingerprint reader.

…It feels like only yesterday that fingerprint readers were reserved only for premium high-end smartphones…

So let’s take a look at the Leagoo M9 in this full hands-on review looking at Design, Build Quality, Performance, Connectivity & Battery Life.

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The Good

  • Great Budget Camera
  • Light at 158 grams
  • Selfie Flash

The Bad

  • Needs Firmware Update
  • Charging Port above display
  • Missing notification LED

Leagoo M9 Battery Cover

Design, Display & Build Quality

You’ve got three colour options to choose from with the Leagoo M9. The all blue model that I’ve spent the last few weeks with, the all black version or the gold version.

As soon you pick up the Leagoo M9 you’ll notice how light it is for a 5.5 inch smartphone. While it looks like a metal build, this is because of a powder paint coat. It actually has a plastic removable battery cover.

This removable design does give the M9 a slightly hollow feeling though. When other manufacturers are pulling out metal and glass designs in the same price bracket, the M9 feels very much on the budget side of life.

While the build materials are budget, the build quality isn’t. Trying to bend, twist and find any weak points in the Leagoo M9 was fruitless. The phone also passed the test when looking for rough edges, gaps and defects.

Now onto the all important screen quality.

When you first turn the M9 on, the display colours looks a little muted and washed out. Luckily, it comes with the display tweaking app, MiraVision, built-in to the OS. Switching the display settings to ‘Vivid’ makes the display much more enjoyable to look at.

Backlight uniformity is good, black levels are okay and viewing angles are also good.

A nice touch is the metal ring around the camera and fingerprint reader which adds a premium element to a mainly budget device.

Now onto the weird design choice…

Leagoo has put the Micro-USB charging port on the top of the smartphone… It’s just wrong… plain wrong…

Screen Tech Specs: 5.5 inch 18:9 IPS Display, 1280×640 resolution, Gorilla Glass 3, 260 PPI, 5-Point multi-touch

Colours Available: Blue, Gold & Black

Leagoo M9 Battery Life


The M9 comes with Android 7 Nougat with Leagoo OS3.0 on top. The Leagoo OS is lightweight feeling similar to regular old Android but with a few extra baked in apps.

The good news is that Leagoo launcher isn’t locked down (like we see on the recent UMiDigi UMi OS), meaning you can install Nova launcher for a much more streamlined and premium OS feel.

Leagoo has added its own App Store, but you’re better off just using also included Android Play Store.

In terms of performance, the quad-core CPU is just about acceptable for everyday light use. If you open a few too many apps, you do notice it slows down and switching between apps isn’t the fastest.

CPU: MediaTek 6580A (4-Cores | 1.3GHz)
GPU: ARM Mali-400
Storage: Samsung 16GB (99MB/s Read Speed | 53MB/s Write Speed)
Expandable: Yes (2nd SIM slot up to 32GB)

Pokemon Go AR Test: Failed, no Gyroscope for AR.

Leagoo M9 Software


Unfortunately, the latest version of the AnTuTu Benchmarking app isn’t compatible with the Leagoo M9. Geekbench score below.

Geekbench Score:

  • Single Core Performance: 409
  • Multi-Core Performance: 1167

Leagoo M9 Cameras


The Quad-Camera setup on the Leagoo M9 was one of the biggest surprises of this review. For a 3G budget smartphone, it’s able to take some great photos with clarity, detail and accurate colour.

I’m not comparing this to a flagship, but when you consider the cost, the M9 really excels. You can judge for yourself whether the Leagoo M9 meets your photography needs by checking out our sample album on Flickr. Leagoo M9 Camera Review Sample Album

Rear Camera:

  • 8MP + 2MP
  • Dual LED Flash

Front Camera (Selfie time):

  • 5MP + 2MP
  • f/2.4 aperture
  • Soft Selfie Flash

Leagoo M9 Ports

Call & Speaker Quality

To test the Leagoo M9 call quality we make a series of test calls paying attention to internal speaker volume and clarity. The M9 was microphone recorded voices clearly but sounded a little flat on the receiving end. The internal speaker was loud enough to hear even in a busy room.

The loudspeaker max volume isn’t very high and it also leans too much on the treble making it sound tinny. It’s a phone you’ll want to use with your headphones.

Battery Life

Help, Help, My Leagoo M9 won’t turn on… it’s broke… : (

No it’s not my friend, the back cover is actually removable and you’ll first have to remove the battery and take off that little tab. Now put it all back together and hold the power button.

Now that you’ve got it working, how’s that battery life?

I managed to get a full days usage from the M9 using social media and the occasional video on WiFi. If you’re using the 3G or play games then you will have to top it up in the evening.

The M9 uses a 2850mAh LG made battery but doesn’t come with any form of quick charging.

Leagoo M9 Unboxing

What’s in the box?

The Leagoo M9 comes in a standard square box with a generic power adapter, cable, quick guide and a clear transparent silicone case.

Leagoo M9 Black, Gold and Blue

Leagoo M9 – The Early Verdict

The M9 certainly looks the part, scoring highly on the design thanks to those reduced bezels. If was writing this review a year ago, I wouldn’t have commented on the budget build materials… but… it’s 2018.

And in 2018, the competition is ripe!

The M9 offers a good package that’ll suit light android users who are on a budget. The curved design is nice, the performance is as expected… budget. The nice surprise here is the camera performance!

If you can’t decide which budget smartphone you want, go and check out the M9 camera samples again… it just might sway you. If taking snaps isn’t your thing, then the UHANS MX still has my vote.

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Tech Specs & Connectivity

Have any questions about the Leagoo M9, just scroll down to the comments and ask away : )

UK Network Coverage? Yes, the Leagoo M9 comes with full UK Support for all carriers.

Smartphone Leagoo M9
Screen Size 5.5 inch
Pixel Density 260
Screen Resolution 1280×640
Screen To Body Ratio 80%
Screen technology Gorilla Glass 3
Thickness 9.5mm
Weight 158 grams
Material Polycarbonate / Powder Coating
Colors Available Blue, Gold & Black
Storage 16GB
Processor (CPU) MediaTek MT6580A (4 Cores 1.3GHz)
Graphics (GPU) Mali-400
Android Version 7 Nougat + Leagoo OS 3.0
IP Rating (Water, dust) NO
Micro-SD Card Tray Yes – Uses 2nd SIM Slot
Notification LED
Finger Print Sensor YES (Rear below camera)
Infrared NO
USB Type Micro-USB
4G Bands N/A
3G Bands WCDMA: 900, 2100MHz
2G Bands GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
SIM Support Dual SIM – Nano x 1 + Micro x 1
WiFi 2.4GHZ
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Sensors Light, Accelerometer, orientation,
Battery Size 2850 mAh LG
Fast Charging NO
Build Quality
Battery Life
Value for Money
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  1. We found the M9 to be a good budget Android device when we reviewed it back in March. There’s been quite a few newer budget phones out since though. We’re putting together out best budget smartphones 2019 article right now, so stay tuned! : )


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