Bezel-less Edgeless Tablets

bezel-less ipad tablet

With bezel-less edgeless smartphones exploding onto the marketplace are bezel-less tablets next?

The short answer is not, well not yet anyway and there’s an obvious explanation.

With a smartphone, you can grip the device in one hand with your palm around the back. This means that your fingers aren’t getting in the way of the screen too much.

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Gold
Xiaomi Mi A2 Gold
Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera
Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera

With tablets, it’s a different game altogether as they’re heavier with larger screen sizes, most often with just the screen being 7-11 inches. To use tablets this size, unless your hands are freakishly big, you need to grip the screen firmly to keep it stable or use two hands.

That’s a lot more fingers touching the touchscreen than on a smartphone.

In the bezel-less tablet scenario, the border has more use as it means you don’t interact with the touch screen by accident. Well, what about software that intelligently ignores these extra touches like the on the Samsung Galaxy devices? Good question!

Yes, I think eventually the bezel-less hype will catch on with tablets. But for now, having the border is a plus and it’s too much of a risk for tablet manufacturers with less money than Samsung (almost all of them) to rely on software to ignore the extra touches. Get the software wrong and you’ve released a blooper of a tablet.

So the best you can look for is a tablet with an excellent screen-to-body ratio and slim bezels. At the moment, the iPads are one of the best choices. If you’re set on Android the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is an option of go for a Samsung AMOLED tablet.

Like the border on your favourite book, the tablet bezel is here to stay for a little bit longer…

(oh… and if you’re wondering about the bezel-less tablet above… it’s a fake I made quickly as I didn’t have an image for this post : ) … )

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