Easehold Aroma Diffuser Review

Easehold Aroma Diffuser 400ml

I’ve finally found a diffuser worthy of my living room!

Even with the explosion of the diffuser market in recent years, it’s still been difficult to find one that matches up to my expectations. What I really want is a diffuser that looks great on my wooden TV cabinet, has LED’s bright enough to compliment the late night Netflix ambience and finally one that can pump out more mist than the dead marshes while also being whisper quiet…

Not a small feat, but after having had the Easehold Aroma Diffuser sent into Review Hub for testing, I might have finally found my match!

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The Good

  • Bright LEDs
  • High Capacity Water Reservoir
  • 2x Mist Levels
  • Very Quiet
  • Excellent Wood Grain Finish
  • Stable & Sturdy

The Bad

  • The Packaging
  • Manual / No WiFi

Easehold Diffuser Design

Design & Build Quality

Standing at 22cm high and having a 17cm diameter, the Easehold Aroma Diffuser isn’t the most discrete so needs to blend in well with your current setup. Although it’s only a wood grain effect (not actual wood), it works well and is convincing from around 1 metre away.

The LED effect is subtle but bright enough to cast a nice ambience around the diffuser at night. If ambience isn’t your thing… then simply put… you’re a weirdo who either likes to sit with all the lights on or in complete darkness…

The whole unit feels well made with the 3 non-slip feet on the bottom providing enough grip so that it doesn’t slip around while the shape itself prevents any chance of knocking it over.

While most diffusers are heading down either the high gloss or cheap plastic route, the Easehold Aroma Diffuser design is refreshing and big enough to become a centre point of wherever you place it.

The final plus point for the diffuser is the noise. In the past, I’ve had great diffusers that have just been too loud to be able to use comfortably. The Easehold Aroma Diffuser runs quiet, there is a slight vibration noise but it soon blends into the background with only the soothing sound of water droplets drippings left… ahhhhhhh ambience…

Easehold Diffuser LED Light

Setting up the Easehold Aroma Diffuser

Setting up the diffuser is super easy. First fill the water reservoir up with the included 150ml jug then drop a few essential oil drops into the well with the water, place the top section back on and plug in then turn on.

At the base of the diffuser are two buttons, which are used to control the diffuser. You have the options of constant mist or 30 second mist interval although the 30 second interval was a little distracting. The diffuser can then either run for 3 hours, 6 hours, or continuously until the water tank runs out, at which point it will automatically turn off.

Easehold Aroma Diffuser Mist

Diffusion & Mist Effect

After pressing the ‘mist’ button, the diffuser starts to work almost instantly. However, it takes a little while to fill a medium sized room. I found that adding a little more than the recommended amount of oil in (1 drop per 100ml), helped fill the room with the essential oil smell faster.

Since the water tank takes an impressive 400ml of water you can leave the Easehold Diffuser to do its thing for hours without the need to top it up. This is great if you have pets, or want to freshen a room up before guests arrive.

Box Contents

Inside the box is the diffuser, an instruction booklet and the power cable. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and come in 5 different languages.

The packaging seems to have been an afterthought with the plain brown box not exactly exuding a premium spa-like feel I’ve had with previous diffusers. A little more padding, even if this is just to protect it during transport would be nice.

While it’s more important to have a quality product than great packaging, it’s worth noting if you were thinking of purchasing the Easehold Diffuser as a gift.

Easehold Diffuser Water Well

Easehold Aroma Diffuser – The Verdict

After the initial disappointment with the packaging, I’ve only been impressed with the Easehold Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. The aesthetics are good enough for it to blend into most rooms and it’s whisper quiet diffusion technology really is whisper quiet.

The colour changing LEDs are subtle but a welcome addition and really add to the evening ambience. Bets of all, the diffuser is super easy to use and when you use around 2 drops per 100ml, it’s smells great! The only downside is that I still have to get off my fat but to turn it on… Alexa in the next version yeah Easehold??

It may not be smart-capable, but it sure does look & smell good!



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