BrosTrend AC600 Dual Band WiFi Adapter Review

Brostrend AC600 WiFi Adapter in laptop

BrosTrend AC600 – Get yourself a high specification WiFi Adapter without breaking the bank

I recently got my hands on the BrosTrend AC600 WiFi adapter thanks to the friendly team over at TrendTech. A quick search on Amazon will show you that on paper this is one of the best value WiFi adapters available coming in at just over £10 here in the UK.

I had big problems with my WiFi adapter after upgrading to Windows 10 where my adapter would drop connection for no reason so I’m happy to see that BrosTrend have made Windows 10 drivers for the AC600 adapter available to download from the TrendTech website.

You might be thinking ‘Why do I need an AC capable adapter when my router doesn’t have AC?’ Well, it doesn’t cost any more for the BrosTrend and the advantage is that you’ll be future-proofing against buying another dongle if you upgrade your next router AC speeds.

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The BrosTrend AC600 also features Dual Band which a lot of home routers are already capable of using. Having the added benefit of the 5GHz spectrum allows faster data transfer and can help with heavy streaming or busy networks.

You can grab the BrosTrend AC600 on Amazon for £10.19



Setting up the BrosTrend WiFi adapter

For most people the BrosTrend adapter will work straight out of the box. Unfortunately, for me I plugged the adapter in and could see every network but my own, sods law. On a plus note installing the drivers was quick and painless taking around 2 minutes. After the drivers were installed all the available networks appeared on my PC.

And the great news is that I’m no longer having any Windows 10 WiFi issues that I had with my old adapter.

Network Tests

I’m putting in a disclaimer early on, I haven’t had a chance to test the AC speeds of the BrosTrend AC600 as I only have wireless N. Rest assured I’ll update this after my next AC enabled coffee shop visit.

The Testing:

I know a lot of people buy WiFi adapters for laptops hoping to improve the signal so let’s get nerdy. I’ve compared the BrosTrend adapter to my inbuilt Intel WiFi on a Lenovo IdeaPad. Test 1 shows Ookla speeds in the same room as the router and test 2 results show speeds from a bedroom at the back of the house, approximately 2 walls away.

The Stats:

BrosTrend-WiFi-Test Intel-WiFi-test

The Results:

As you can see above, the BrosTrend is marginally ahead in terms of upload and download. Where the real difference would be seen is with an AC capable router where the BrosTrend adapter would be able to take advantage of the extra speed of the 5GHz network.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you’ll find the AC600 WiFi adapter dongle & a micro-CD. What else do you need?

Brostrend AC600 Box


I’m pleased with the amount features the BrosTrend AC600 offers for just over £10. If your only looking to improve your WiFi range then it might be worth looking for an adapter with an external antenna but if not the AC600 covers pretty much everything you might need.

Windows 10 Compatible
Easily download Windows 10 drivers from the BrosTrend website.

Compatible with Mac & Linux
I haven’t tested this but it is on the box.

WPS Button
Easily connect to WPS enabled items with the click of a button.

Dual Band Capable2.4GHz & 5GHz
Access the faster 5GHz network for improved speeds or use the 2.4GHz network for improved range.

Backwards Compatibility
The BrosTrend is compatible with WiFi routers that use a/b/g/n & ac technologies.

Brostrend AC600 WiFi Adapter

Final thoughts on the BrosTrend AC600 WiFi adapter

The BrosTrend is a well-built WiFi adapter with a lot of features packed in for a small price. I’ve yet to test the AC functionality but if that holds up then you’re getting a great deal at just over £10. Scroll down for some nerdy specifications or take a look at the BrosTrend AC600 on Amazon below.
You can grab the BrosTrend AC600 on Amazon for £10.19

Technical Specification

For full specification please visit the BrosTrend official website.

USB Type: 2.0
Dimensions: 68.5×22.8×8.5mm
Wireless Standards: 802.11ac, 802.11a, b, g, n
Wireless Frequency: 5GHz + 2.4GHz
Transmitter Power: 20dBm
WiFi Security Support: 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, 802.1x
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
LED Color: Blue


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