Atmotube Pro: Real-time Air Quality Measurements

AtmoTube Pro Build Quality

Whether you suffer from allergies, live in a high-pollution area or just want to improve the overall air quality of your home, it’s time to get smart!

And that’s where a nifty little air pollution monitor like the Atmotube Pro comes into play.

While it’s not the only portable air quality monitor available, it does have a few neat tricks that you’ll want to consider.

For starters, it measures not only the dangerous PM2.5 particles (often associated with the most risk due to their ability to enter your bloodstream) but even the smaller more dangerous PM1 particles.

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Pretty impressive for a device small enough to carry around in your pocket.

You also get access to your local vicinity PM10 particle data as well as your VOCs levels. Don’t know what VOCs are? Check out this handy explanation on YouTube.

And while it’s true that most new home air purifiers now include a built PM2.5 detector, it doesn’t match the particle accuracy of the Atmotube Pro.

So if the idea of real-time air quality updates sent directly to your phone or smartwatch sounds appealing? then read on as I explore what the Atmotube Pro has to offer us.

More information on the Atmotube Pro Portable Air Quality Monitor…

AtmoTube Android App

What exactly can the Atmotube Pro detect?

While it’s all well and good saying this monitor will detect PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and VOCs… what exactly are these?

Well both PM1 & PM2.5 are particles so small that they can enter your bloodstream via your lungs. These can be harmful chemicals produced by smoke, aerosols, fossil fuel emissions and some solvents.

PM10, while less dangerous, can still affect your health adversely if found in sufficient quantities. The main causes you’ll find for PM10 include Mould Spores, Pollen & Dust.

But I’m no expert, so head over to Atmotube’s Air Pollution Blog if you want to learn more.

How does the Atmotube Pro Monitor detect these particles?

It works by using a small fan inside the device that pulls in the air over its detection sensors. This then feeds the particle data back to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and if the levels are unhealthy, you’ll then get an alert.

AtmoTube Apple Watch App

Instant Air Quality Detection

As well as the alert via your smartphone, the Atmotube Pro also works as a standalone air quality monitor.

It does this by including a small LED above the circular black button on the front. When you press the button, the LED lights up to the corresponding colours, letting you know how safe your local air quality is.

  • Red – severely polluted
  • Orange – very polluted
  • Yellow – polluted
  • Green – moderate
  • Blue – good

Air Pollution Data

The Atmotube App

The app itself got a recent refresh with an easier to use, more modern design. Once open, you can check your historical pollution levels, current pollution levels and even customise your own humidity & temperature comfort levels.

Having access to the historical data is great as it lets you easily check whether your air quality improvement methods are working.

AtmoTube Pro Air Quality Monitor

Connectivity & Battery Life

Its good news when it comes to connectivity as the Atmotube Pro uses USB Type-C and will last you around a week, thanks to the healthy 2000mAh battery coupled with the use of low-energy Bluetooth 5.

AtmoTube Pro Packaging

Atmotube Pro – The Verdict

While the advanced detection features of the Atmotube Pro won’t be for everyone, there’s no denying that this is one super cool smart health device.

If you’re looking for a high-end air pollution monitor that’s portable and comes with a highly polished app? then you’re in good hands.

If I had to pick a small fault, I think the built-in air pollution LED could be refined a little, maybe a breathing LED Halo on V2? Something brighter and more visual would be great.

With that being said, this isn’t an aesthetics device, its a portable air quality monitor with the potential to really improve your quality of life.

Want to learn more? Check out the Atmotube Pro Portable Air Quality Monitor below…

AtmoTube Pro Clip

Any Extras

Yes, the Atmotube Pro will also measure your local temperature and humidity allowing you to customise alerts for when your home environment changes. This can be really useful when combatting mould or just looking to improve your comfort levels.

You also have access to air quality tips and an air quality map letting you can check the air quality further away. Both accessible via the Atmotube App.



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