About Review Hub

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Who the heck are Review Hub?

Review Hub was created at the start of 2015 to provide open and honest feedback on the huge amount of Chinese Tech that was hitting the UK shores. In the beginning, we mainly reviewed smartphones but have now expanded to include all areas of consumer electronics. Still sticking to our roots though, we aim to review the not-so-well known products.

Review Hub is made up of a team of tech enthusiasts that like to tinker, like the latest tech and come from all around the world. If you think you have what it takes to become a member of the Review Hub team, then apply here.

Aren’t there enough review sites out there already?

The reason we started Review Hub was when searching for a Chinese Smartphone review in 2014. At the time Google produced zero results. Not a single review.

Since then, the Chinese Import Smartphone market has grown massively with every Tom, Dick & Harry writing about tech, which by the way is great!

What sets Review Hub apart is years of knowledge in the smartphones market. James Gil has been working in the consumer mobile market for over 14 years which gives him a unique understanding of the problems and challenges that face the industry.

We’re able to see through high-end branding and clever photos that are used to make tech products looks more futuristic than the Stargate Ring did back in 1994. So we can give you the reader, honest feedback on the latest products to be released.

Why should you listen to Review Hub?

More often than not, we get sent free samples to review but this in no way affects our feedback or reviews. What we write is honest and based on our personal experience and opinions. If we don’t think it cuts the mustard then we’ll let you know. We pride ourselves on reporting the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Disagree with our reviews, well that’s life. Feel free to leave a comment and let others know what, why and how you disagree. We actually really appreciate feedback, so don’t be shy!

For each review we look at a range of factors including Design, Screen, Hardware, Battery Life, Camera, General Speed, Gaming Performance, Connectivity, Build Quality and Ergonomics. This enables us to give you a varied overview of the product and for you to decide for yourself based on our Pro’s and the Con’s whether the Phone, Gadget or Wearable is the right match for you.

See something that you don’t agree with or think we’ve got something wrong? Well we’re only human after all, so please leave a comment below the article and we’ll be happy to take your advice on board and update the article or review.

Is Review Hub some big evil conglomerate that’s stealing your soul?

Maybe… just kidding. We’re actually just a bunch of tech enthusiasts. Most of us work part-time for Review Hub out the joy of opening, testing and using new gadgets. We’re a small team and we’re definably not getting rich from you signing up to our email list. :P